Daily Deals goes Responsive

Posted on 27 Dec 2016


You may have noticed that DailyDeals.co.za looks different on your mobile phone than on your computer. This is because we just updated DailyDeals.co.za's interface to be Responsive.

What does Responsive mean?

Simply put, a responsive website is one that changes the way it presents itself based on your screen size, platform and orientation.

Why did we do this?

We want DailyDeals.co.za to be comfortable to use across all of your modern devices. You won't have to zoom in, or scroll left and right to be able to see everything. Now you can comfortably browse DailyDeals on your mobile phone while drinking a cup of coffee without having to sit in front of our computer.

We will continuously test and improve our interface. If you have any trouble using DailyDeals.co.za or, with the new interface on your mobile devices, feel free to contact us for assistance.


Posted by Robert Louw
Lead Developer
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