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Daily Deals - supporting small businesses
August 12, 2017

Daily Deals - a new advertising platform developed to assist all small and medium sized businesses in South Africa.

Advertising rates are cheap on Daily Deals.

Benefits to businesses are hugely advantageous when using Daily Deals - see "how it works".

In short, our Daily Deals platform offers: new exposure to small businesses, an interactive platform to gain new business, a platform geared towards businesses as well as consumers.

Register for FREE for now, advertise for FREE for now.

Daily Deals - supporting SME's
August 12, 2017

Daily Deals is recognized as a buzz word describing deals run daily on many different sites.

However, now DAILY DEALS means something else.

Our website www.dailydeals.co.za is an interactive small business advertising platform, designed to help all businesses, in many different ways.

We need businesses to register (4 FREE).

We need businesses to advertise (4FREE).

We businesses to spread the word (also 4 FREE).

Once we have enough businesses registered in months to come, we will start charging for adverts placed, BUT NOMINAL AMOUNTS, affordable to even the smallest of businesses.


Daily Deals.

Deals Daily.

August 12, 2017

In order to grow, we need to broadcast Daily Deals to ALL businesses in South Africa.

We're therefore looking for a partner that has a large footprint, that has the same ethos of wanting to help small business growth, that is prepared to broadcast our facility on their platform in exchange for "equity".

Daily Deals CAN become the go to site for all entrepreneurs, but we need help, we need to collaborate.

Who's willing?

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